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I am entrenched in a daily routine. I work at home and, as time as passed, I unknowingly created a routine.

I rise at the same time everyday and basically do the same thing every day. Then I go to bed at about the same time every evening.

The weekend comes and my Saturdays and Sundays follow a Saturday and Sunday routine.

Not that routines are a bad thing. I think we function best and more efficiently with routines. Actually, God created routines. We have the sunrise, the sunset, the 24 hours in a day, and the seasons.

While there is nothing wrong with a routine, becoming so firmly entrenched in a routine that being out of it throws you off for a day or so, now that could be an issue.

Or is it?

I recently went out of town for  two days and one night. I spent the night in a hotel and the two days looking at a potential college and the college town with my college-bound daughter.

On the way home, I suddenly had this moment of panic. And I realized it was because I stepped out of my routine, my day-to-day routine. Wow.

When I got home, I couldn’t snap right back into my usual routine.  I could only sit and veg out in front of the TV, streaming Netflix.

“Looking back at a repetition of empty days, one sees that monuments have sprung up. Habit is not mere subjugation, it is a tender tie: when one remembers habit it seems to have been happiness.”
Elizabeth Bowen, The Death of the Heart

Routines, for the most part, are relaxing, reassuring and help us to get through the day with less stress.

But, perhaps we should change it up a bit every now and then!



You Eat What You Believe

Diet Confusion

Over the past few decades, I have run through a lot of eating styles. For awhile, it was all natural.

Then it was ‘everything in moderation’. Switched over to raw foods. Then, fell off the wagon of raw fruits and vegetables and landed in the fast food drive-thrus.

Gained a heckuva lotta weight, seeing the scale hit the highest ever at 205 lbs. Yikes.

And I sat there for a few years, either feeling sorry for myself, giving up or saying, ‘Screw it. I don’t care’.

I started getting sick. Not diabetes or heart disease sick, thank goodness.

What started happening was a lot of indigestion and heartburn. I was eating 8 to 10 Tums or Rolaids a day.

My cholesterol started to rise, along with my blood sugar and triglycerides. Nothing too serious, yet, but signs that my health was heading in the wrong direction.

My mood was bitchy and my energy level was pretty much non-existent. I watched a lot of TV.

I needed to change.

I am not sure what was the one thing that reversed the direction I was heading.

Quote by Marion Nestle
Quote by Marion Nestle

I don’t think there was any ONE thing, actually. It was perhaps a culmination of many days with many thoughts of ‘I can’t keep doing this to myself’.

I chose a date to start and chose a diet I thought might make me feel better. And I started eating according to the Wheat Belly diet and I didn’t cheat. I kept my portions at sane amounts.

And I lost weight. The heartburn stopped. My cholesterol got better and, eventually, my blood sugar and triglycerides improved.

I am now fine-tuning things and eating the keto-genic type of diet. It is what I believe to be the best diet for me. Primarily because

1. I feel better.

2. I like what I read in the research that has been done.

3. It is way of eating I can do for a lifetime.

I am eating what I believe.

I will miss those Dairy Queen blizzards, though, gosh darn it.

There are many diets or eating styles out there and you may believe in something different. And that’s ok.

Who is right?

Does it matter?

I say, the last one alive is the winner.

What say you?

Thrift Store Savings – The Final Find

thriftAfter buying three items off of my list at the local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store, I began to head over to Goodwill looking for more great finds, specifically a hassock for my mom.

I am not a big fan of Goodwill because they tend to price things a bit higher. Still, typically the prices are lower than the cost of new.

Though I had just checked out the store two days earlier, looking a hassock (didn’t find one), stuff gets dropped off daily so I figured I would just run in and see if there was one there.

On the way to Goodwill, I remembered there was another thrift shop sponsored by a local church so I figured I would stop there first.


Here is what I found and brought home, as you can tell by my mom’s feet resting comfortably on it. 🙂 2015-04-01_16.37.49[1]

Not only was I surprised to actually find one, the price was just $12. That is at least a $13 savings on the price of a new one, which, Google search tells me is about $25 for a similar one I see on Etsy.

The hassock is in like-new condition and, here’s a bonus, it matches the furniture we already have!

You know, there are days when I head out to the thrift stores and return home with nothing. And then there are days like today when I feel like I struck gold!

What about you? Been thrifting lately?


Thrift Store Savings

Great finds at the thrift store today!

Continuing the saga on my thrift store finds, here is another great find for me at the thrift store today.

The third thing on my list today were soap holders (soap dishes?) that I needed to hold the new bar soaps I just bought from Wilderness Family Naturals (not an affiliate link, just a shout out for WFN).

I’ve had dry skin for years and am always looking for something to alleviate it. My latest is using coconut oil to shower with. It works well but it is kind of awkward to use.

I saw these soap bars at Wilderness Family Naturals and thought I would give them a try. I didn’t have any soap dishes to hold them. I needed three, one for my mother’s bar, since I bought one for her, and two for me, since I bought the plain bar to use on my hair and the bar with additional coconut cream to use on my skin.

Being without the soap dishes, I used the bubble wrap that the bars came with. Did the trick to tide me over until I could find something else. I figured I would go to the Dollar Store and pick some up. Those things are a $1 a piece, right?

2015-04-01_16.35.23[1]Today was my lucky day! I found three soap dishes for 50¢ each at the thrift store.

I have the two bars of mine you can see there in the picture and the empty one was a soap case for my mom’s bar.

Not as cheap as the bubble wrap 🙂 but certainly cheaper than buying them new.

So, what did I save? Compared to the Dollar Store, I saved $1.50, assuming comparable soap dishes are about $1 each.

Looking at, the two piece soap box sells for $5 (seriously, who would buy it for that outrageous price??).

The soap holder at the top of the photo can be found at a hotel supply site for $1.95 but you have to buy 12 to get that price.

And the last ‘holder’ in the lower right corner isn’t actually a soap holder. It is a loofah-type facial complexion pad that Amazon sells for $6.60 for a set of 4.  But, I figured it would work as a soap holder as it is a place to hold the soap and keep it dry between uses.

Kind of hard to figure out exactly how much I saved in this awesome thrift store find but I sure didn’t pay full price for new!

Always a great feeling, isn’t it?

Ready to hear about one more find?

More Great Finds at the Thrift Store

In addition to finding the candy molds I needed for making keto fat bombs, my trip to the thrift store yielded a couple of more things on my list.


Ramekins, or something that I can use for ramekins. No one at the store even heard of ramekins. Neither did my 92 year old mother, who was tagging along today.

Anyway, I have been looking for these for a few weeks now. I plan on using them to make some of the great keto-desserts that Maria from Maria Mind Body Health has on her blog and in those amazing keto-cookbooks.

A ramekin (/ˈræmɪkɪn/, /ˈræmkɪn/; also spelled ramequin),[citation needed] is a small glazed ceramic or glass bowl used for cooking and serving various dishes.

Thanks, Wikipedia!

The ramekins I scored cost me 75¢ each and I got four of them. Just went to Amazon again to see what they would cost. Crikey!

There is a set of four Emile Henry (who?) ramekins here for $35.44!


Wanna see what else I got today at the thrift store?

Look What I Scored at the Thrift Shop!


Going from a basically fast and junk food diet into a keto diet means  I need to do some upgrades to my kitchen supplies.

I want to make some of the great fat bombs recipes I see on the internet and the one here at cavemanketo looked dang delicious!

CaveManKeto's Fat Bombs
CaveManKeto’s Fat Bombs

Thing is, I don’t have any small candy molds, though cavemanketo did mention that the mini whoopie pie pan could be used. I do have one of those.

But if I used that pan, the fat bombs would be pretty big, I think. So, I put candy molds on my shopping/errand list.

One of the places I planned on stopping was the local thrift stores. And lookie what I found there….

A candy mold!!
A candy mold! For $0.50!

So, I scooped it up. It’s actually a jello mold from UW-Madison, probably some promo but, guess what? My son and daughter both attend that college!

Wait, I am not done, yet.

I took the mold home and washed it and discovered this…



There were actually two molds, one nested tightly inside the other!


Headed over to Amazon just now and looked these babies up! I saved myself $9.50! Check it out here. (not an affiliate link 🙂 )

And, wait, there’s more….



Hey, Thanks for Dropping By

Read at your own risk.

Even though it requires additional effort on my part as I am basically a very lazy person, all the names used in the posts on this blog have been changed for both identity protection and to avoid embarrassing anyone.

Being the irresponsible person that I am, I claim no responsibility in anything.

Listen! Did you hear that?

Of course not.

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