I moved (again) and downsized (again)

Finally done with the move and settled into the new apartment. I could not believe all the stuff we accumulated during the 5 years we lived in the previous apartment.

And that was after having a moving sale when moving from the huge house we lived in during the 5 years previous to that. (What’s up with this 5 year thing?)

In all fairness (to me), it is not all of my stuff. There are three of us moving but one is heading off to college.


This is what was left after having yet another moving sale- sans the furniture.

Do I really need all of this stuff??

Putting things into the moving sale, packing up the remaining ‘essentials’ and then unpacking it all again caused me to reflect on just what is essential and what is not.

One of the criteria I came up with in selecting what to keep and what to sell is whether the item is single-purpose or multi-purpose.

For example, this has one purpose:


It slices cheese.



But this does the same thing, plus more!


So, I gave the cheese slicer to my daughter.

Did I really need this?

kitchen-step-stool   or this  computer-chair

when I have four of these?







So, looking at pretty much everything I owned, I got rid of anything that had just one purpose.

Single-purpose items. I thought they saved time or worked better but now I realize that I wasted my money on a lot of things when I already have something that could do the job just as well.



Author: camcoogan

Cam is a single woman in her late 50's heading into retirement mired in debt. Knowing she isn't alone, Cam Coogan is sharing her questions, successes and failures to give and get help in paying down debt and stoking the retirement coffers to enjoy a care-free retirement. Well, at least Cam can be a great example of what NOT to do.

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